The Treasurer of the Semester Honor is awarded to a treasurer that has continually demonstrated their innovative ideas, efficacious capability of handling figures and cash, and methodical ways of thinking. This term, Hearts for Homeless International is overjoyed to recognize Ashton Collins as Treasurer of the Semester. Her perseverance and resilience are some of the biggest reasons why the officer board selected her for this honor. Her dedication and hard work towards learning how to effectively perform her duties and exceeding the expectations of her position, inspire and motivate past and current treasures of other Hearts for Homeless International chapters. Hearts for Homeless International applauds Ashton Collins for being a brilliant and creative treasurer. 

“I’ve very much enjoyed my time in Hearts for Homeless thus far; a good number of the people I have given readings for are rather interesting people that can easily make me grin and laugh. I am a very action and service-oriented person and I believe in doing my part to make the world a better place for all of its occupants, thus I am very glad that Hearts for Homeless gives me a much better outlet to do this. I am glad to be a part of this organization” Ashton Collins

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