The Gainesville chapter of Hearts 4 Homeless is proud to recognize their Medical Information officer, Amy Guerra, as an outstanding member who has exceeded all that was expected of her this year. Amy is a fourth-year microbiology student aspiring to attend medical school after graduation. She has been a member of Hearts 4 Homeless since 2017 and is leaving her mark on the organization. As a Medical Information officer, Amy has played a vital role in helping the chapter grow over the past year. Amy is a very selfless person that not only has become a fantastic team member but also a strong helping hand to the other officers. She is the type of person to bring forth the best ideas and finds innovative ways to better help the community. She even started her own club at the University of Florida, Florida Puppy Club, which allows members to support Southeastern Guide Dogs by puppy sitting, puppy raising, or training dogs before they go to the visually impaired and veterans with PTSD. As Amy graduates this year, her peers will miss her affable presence dearly. They wish her good luck in all her future endeavors. Hearts 4 Homeless International applauds Amy for all her hard work and devotion to Hearts for Homeless and all she has done for the University of Florida’s chapter.

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