Hearts for the Homeless contributes to the well-being of one of the most vulnerable populations in our nation through education, blood pressure screening opportunities, and granting students the ability to volunteer and truly understand the community. Our organization has locations in Florida, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, and North Carolina. We are currently expanding internationally to many cities in Brazil and India as well. Our organization has expanded globally thanks to the help of our international board:

Andrew Aboujaoude, President

Jennifer Carvel, Vice President

Ranya Awad, Secretary

Kayla Ferro, Treasurer

Valory Vailoces, Chair of External Affairs

Tri Tran, Chair of Internal Affairs

Kyle Swartz, Medical Information Officer

Jordan Dressel, Director of Northeast External Affairs

Mary Cobty, Director of Southeast External Affairs

Michael Hamad, Director of West Coast External Affairs

H4H, Brazil
H4H, India