Hearts for the Homeless Gainesville was founded in 2017 by Ranya Awad and Mary Cobty. After the first chapter in Orlando was created, H4H president Andrew Aboujaoude wanted to expand the organization after seeing the good it was doing for the homeless community. Ranya Awad, one of Andrew’s presidential directors, was put in charge of bringing the organization to a second area located in Gainesville with her best friend Mary Cobty leading it. It was done through researching local food shares and clinics in the area willing to aid the homeless they serve. After the Gainesville chapter’s creation and success, the idea of expansion wasn’t so hard anymore and the H4H dream of helping the homeless was being further fulfilled.

Hearts for the Homeless Gainesville Team

  • Melanie Bustamante, President
  • Kyle Summersfield, Vice President
  • Emma Scott, Secretary
  • Nala Mckie, Treasurer
  • Amy Guerra and Jade Davis, Medical Information Officer
  • Sara Shir, Recruitment Officer
  • Adam Chronister and Christopher Duncan, Community Outreach Officer

Contact and Social Media Info

Currently, our events are at the Bo Diddley Plaza on Sundays at 1-2 PM