Hearts for the Homeless Tallahassee was founded in 2017 by Kayla Ferro and McKenzie Frye. After the immense success in the Orlando chapter Kayla wanted to see the organization expand to another major city in Florida with an alarmingly high homeless population. After reaching out to FSU student, McKenzie Frye, they began the search for a food share and clinic partner. After weeks of research and phone calls they found the Kearney Center; a 24-hour emergency center for needs of individuals and families until permanent housing can be arranged. This chapter is one of the first to perform the volunteer events in an indoor facility where the individuals live, eat, and have the opportunity to work. With all these services in the same building H4H Tallahassee has had great success and one of the most consistent populations each week.

Hearts for the Homeless Tallahassee Team

Ashleigh Pate, President

Ashley Garcell, Vice President

Olivia Christopher, Secretary

Shaun Crist, Treasurer

Kelsey Clabby, Medical Information Officer

Sarah Helgeson, Recruitment Officer

Joey Maselli, Community Outreach Officer

Cecilia Bouaichi, Graduate Student Liason